A white man’s problem…

before I call bullshit, bullshit, let me start by sharing my deepest condolences and love to the families who have lost loved ones. violent, unnecessary death is heavy. prayers are being held for all of you in my heart.


17 counts of premeditated murder. keep your eyes open and notice what his sentence will end up being. 
and folks who know… know. if this was a Black man, death penalty would be an obvious. but who are we really fooling?
Black people don’t do mass shootings. that’s a white boy problem. so what do you think he’s gonna get? let’s just wait and see what happens.

and to be clear, i am not an advocate of the death penalty.  i’m an advocate for equity and accountable, deep, hard to face, transformative justice.


we have yet to see much equity in our history, or accountable, transformative justice before.  yes he has a mental health issue.  how can you kill that many people and NOT have a mental health issue?  and how long can you live inside the belief of white supremacy and not end up with a mental health issue?  this level of disassociation and cognitive dissonance can only create a mental imbalance and of course nobody is going to take accountability for the feeding of these beliefs into him.  everyone is gonna point a finger and nobody will actually do the dirty work of tracing the influences, following the generational line, the passed down behaviors, and look at the epigenetics of this man’s life.  it would likely reveal the sick and twisted, unhealed trauma of racial hatred. generation, to generation, like skin color- it’s in the dna.

this is the white man’s biggest problem, which is also a white woman’s problem.  let’s do the necessary healing work and stop pointing fingers at these “obviously” racist “bad-apples” and see the traces of the past in our own dna, our own behavior… what is our epigenetics?  we may not be mentally imbalanced enough to shoot up a school, but i don’t think any white person in this country who has family here for more than 2 generations isn’t carrying the remnants of the unhealed trauma of racial superiority.



Author: Kusum

I talk about the difficult, dive into the amazing, expand beyond the limits, heal the unhealable, and love beyond reciprocity

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